Professional HealthSales, Inc. was founded in January of 1990 by William  Bevan in Yardley, Pennsylvania. His vision, to form a unique company in the medical industry by bringing together a team of highly skilled and experienced sales representatives to offer manufacturers an alternative to their direct sales force, became a reality on September 1,1990. Down sizing, budget cutting and consolidation in the medical industry is forcing manufacturers to look for more cost effective options to market their products to end users across the country, while maintaining the professionalism and quality of service that their customers expect and deserve. Professional HealthSales became one of the options.

Gerri Loughran has been with the company since its inception, serving as Chief Financial Officer. She is in charge of all administrative functions which support the company and the sales force. By having a central location to handle communications, payroll, insurance, taxes, sales reporting, contracts, etc., it frees up our client companies to concentrate on their business. We only require one monthly commission payment and monthly sales reports sent to our corporate office.

Mark Cercone joined PHS in 2017 as the company President/COO.  He has over 30 years of experience in the industry and with his vast knowledge and professionalism is invaluable to the success of Professional HealthSales’ and an important part of the PHS team.

Professional HealthSales has grown from an initial force of 21 representatives in 1990 to over 45 representatives currently. This offers our clients a great deal of flexibility to tailor their coverage to their specific requirements. We work with clients to develop the ideal sales coverage consistent with their needs and budgets.

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