VALUES: We will adhere to the following set of values in all of our actions:

For our clients… We will work only with those clients who share our values and regard for professional integrity.  In dealing with our clients, we will always be fair and honest.  We will maintain a sales force of highly capable and innovative people.  We will demonstrate unquestioned loyalty.  We will offer our clients our full attention and finest professional efforts, while respecting and preserving their good reputations.  And we will remain flexible, so that we may deal with each client, individually, in the best manner possible.

For our employees… In an environment based on trust, rather than a set of rules, we will treat employees fairly, with dignity and respect, providing our employees opportunity for creativity, freedom to voice their opinions, and maximum control of their own destinies.  We will provide the support and training necessary to enable our people to become the very best they can be.  We will encourage and sponsor our employees’ entrepreneurial spirit.  We will respect our employees’ responsibilities to their families, and reward them with just compensation.

For our business… Customer service is paramount.  While staying close to the business we know best, we will make business decisions based on long-term security for our company, our employees, and our clients.  We will endeavor to maintain a healthy financial environment that offers our employees stability, and our clients value.

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